I was having a discussion the other day with a friend of mine. We both play at Pokerstars and he plays at higher stakes than me and fewer tables while I play lower stakes and more tables.

He plays on average around 3 tables at NL400 while I play around 6 tables at NL100. He makes around 3ptbb/100 which is around £8 per 100 hands which works out to around £30/hour.

My earn rate is around 7ptbb/100 which is around the same. I use default bet sizing an awful lot and my friend says that I will never be able to move up as long as I do this.

Playing Higher Levels

However this is the thing because I have no desire to want to move up. I gave up any aspirations of being a full-time pro some years ago and now “semi-pro” suits me fine.

I no longer have an ego and making £30/hour doing something that I love works for me. I do not try to move up in levels and if the day dawns when NL200 is as easy to play as NL100 then I may contemplate moving up but not until then.

When I am playing six tables then I play much more tightly than when I am playing one table. This not only keeps me in check but it also helps me to play tight and solid poker while reducing the variance.

Playing Tighter on More Tables

So when it is folded around to me then I will use default bet sizes for sure. I know that doing this reduces my thinking time on other tables and that is key for me.

What I don’t ever want to happen is for me to run into trouble on one table and it affects my mentality on them all.

I need to harmonise my entire theatre of operations and I know that I cannot make money if I am fretting over potentially wrong decisions or worrying about large losses.

At the end of the day then the external financial incentives that all poker sites offer you along with bad players should be enough of a cushion so that you don’t need to press in marginal situations.