Despite the fact that many online poker sites are/have increasing their buy-in levels from 20bb to 30-35bb then you may be forcing players to play more post flop poker but don’t think for one minute that you are deterring the good short stack players.

Online poker games these days are tough to make money at and that is something that the modern player has to live with these days. Anyone who is interested in getting the better of online card rooms by playing a short stack system can contact me through the website simply by leaving a message for me.

Also don’t think for one minute that just because you are playing a short stack that you cannot match the big players. Let us say that you want to play NL200 but are afraid of risking two hundred bucks.

What is the Risk?

Well join the club because many players do not want to risk 200 bucks on one hand of poker and also they know that the players at these levels tend not to be mugs anyway. So why not buy in for 35bb and make it ?

With – blinds then you really cannot make a huge mistake but the key to playing a 35bb stack is to simply look for spots more and to play like it isn’t a small stack. But also if you lose or drop say 15bb then do not top back up as you have a far more ideal stack of 20bb.

Poker sites want you to make them rake and there were far too many players operating a short stack who were getting all in pre-flop and the hand was being won without paying rake.

So the big stack players were getting hot under the collar and demanding bigger minimum buy-ins and the site then followed suit. Still, this is good news for the Viper because other short stack players are going to be terrible at playing poker post flop or laying too much getting all in pre-flop with a deeper stack.