It is often the case when looked at in terms of game theory that whenever you complicate a process that you then require a simpler strategy to execute that process.

Multi and mass tabling online poker is one such situation where the process of playing poker can be made all the more complex.

Heaven only knows that many poker players struggle as it is playing one table and over complicate that and so imagine what would happen if they tried to play 16 tables at the same time?

Big Online Poker Mistakes

One of the key areas that millions of players get wrong when they try to add more poker tables is that they think that playing sixteen tables for example just means that you are playing poker sixteen times faster and seeing sixteen times the number of hands.

This is true of course but once you have made these connections then you have largely finished. The underlying theory behind mass multi-tabling is that you are sacrificing accuracy for volume and hopefully volume will overcome the accuracy.

However you still have to reach a certain standard when you play more tables but it is a standard that many players fall short of. When you complicate a process then you need to simplify many of the aspects of it to make the entire thing workable.

Less Thinking Time

So playing sixteen tables means that your thinking time is a lot less. This is can be fatal if you are for example involved in too many post flop situations that require too much thought.

So you need to simplify the process and this means play more of a pre-flop game. This also means that you also need to almost make your game “automated”…..if that is the right term for it.

When I play more than ten tables then I am always looking to reduce the number of flops that I play. So this means that I am often three betting or folding and only calling or limping in if my hand is easily playable post flop like with small to medium pocket pairs for example.

I know that whenever I call a raise and a call with a hand like 4c-4d then I am essentially playing fit or fold poker and that suits me fine because it is an easy way to play.

I may not make as many ptbb/100 playing this way but I will make more £/hour by being able to play more tables.