I first started playing online poker games seriously in 2002 which of course was a very different online environment to the one that is with us today.

I have played very high-stakes games at both limit hold’em and no-limit hold’em. I have played 25-50 no limit hold’em and 100-200 limit hold’em.

But this was back in the days when these levels were much softer than what they are now. I would say that the NL400 and NL600 online games are now as tough and if not tougher than the NL5000 poker games that I used to play in once upon a time.

Tougher Online Games

In fact to highlight just how much tougher the online environment has become then I have recently seen online limit hold’em games at 3-6 that were as tough as the old 20-40 games in 2003.

However of late then I have been contemplating moving back up form my usual 0.50-1.00 no limit games where I play around 10-12 tables at full ring.

However this was never the way that I wanted to play poker and I always preferred to single table at higher levels. I like this for several reasons because I can feel the players out more.

I am a big believer in the fact that you simply cannot wait for a meaningful sample size in online poker before you look to adjust your strategy.

Shorter Sessions

The main reason for this is because of the fact that the average session length of an online player is far shorter than it is for a live game player.

This means that you get an awful lot of hit and run players dropping into online games and when someone sits down in your game then unless you have a history with them and know them then you cannot possibly know how long they are going to hang around for.

This is why hit and run tactics can be very effective because the player has left the table before his astute opponents have had time to adjust their strategy.

But it is this adjusting and readjusting and the balancing of ranges that is very difficult to achieve in online poker when you multi-table. So when you are single tabling at say NL600 then you can become a far better player and a far more effective player if you can find tables where many of your opponents are multi-tabling.