sta_pic_0During my discussions with other online poker players then it is difficult to talk to any pro or semi-pro that doesn’t use Equilab to calculate hand equity and to assess ranges.

Equilab is one of the most remarkable pieces of poker software on the market for one important reason…….it is totally free to use. Never in the history of online poker has one piece of software had so much impact that was totally free to the public.

As an advanced player then one of the first things that you should consider when you play a poker hand is equity. This is such an important factor that it basically overshadows all others.

If we start with the very basic concept of hand selection then using the data that Equilab provides helps us to see how equity underpins everything that we do in that area as well.

For example let us say that you want to open raise from the cut-off and you have two hands to do it with and those two hands are 7-6s and 8-2o.

Thinking of Pot Equity

The extra percentage equity that 7-6s has gives it a huge edge against 8-2o. It can make straights and flushes and can win both big pots, medium sized pots and small pots. However if you play a hand like 8-2o then you are essentially playing almost 100% of your range.

  • Equilab will tell you this simply by clicking “Player 1” and then “pre-flop” followed by dragging the curser all the way across to the right until the hand 8-2o is highlighted.

In fact doing that reveals that you are probably raising 96.4% of your hands which essentially means that your range is incredibly unbalanced.

  • This affects your ability to steal blinds and make successful post flop semi-bluffs because your aggression levels are too blatant.
  • All successful poker players understand two key concepts and these are how important it is to know the equity contained within your own hand against your opponents range and also the equity in your range versus your opponents range.

Also your “all in” equity can allow you to see if your decision making processes are flawed. If you are losing money then an easy look at the equity in the situation can allow you to see if your wins or losses are down to luck or not.


If you think that your opponent has a 20% range from middle position when they raise then you can simply click on “Player 1” and then drag the cursor to 20% and this will allow you to see what sorts of hands your opponent is likely playing with.

What is Your Opponents Range

When coupled with tracking software and a decent sample size then you will have a good idea of your opponents range. If after say 3500 hands then your opponent has open raised with 20% of their hands then you can use Equilab to see what that represents.

Let us say that your hand is Q-J and your opponent raises with 20% of their range, what should you do? Using the equity feature of Equilab allows you to match up Q-J against a range of 20%.

We run the simulation and the results are almost instant and we can see that our equity in this example is 41%. While this is relatively low against their range it does mean that the hand is playable and a call can be contemplated based on your equity against their range and you having positional advantage.

pica-761860_960_720POKER FACT:

You can get Equilab by just going to the PokerStrategy website and then downloading the software. Doing so will dramatically increase your ability to beat more poker games in the future.