One of the things that I liked about playing full ring no limit hold’em at the lower levels of play is that I can read the action very easily above and beyond when I play six max or other forms of poker.

For example only yesterday I folded Qc-Qd pre-flop. The UTG player limped and it was folded around to the cut-off that made it 4.5bb to go.

I have pocket queens on the button and make it 11bb. The small blind 4/bets to 45bb and the UTG player shoves all in for 117bb.

The original raiser folded as I expected and so did I. There is just no way that I can have the best hand here and my remaining 100bb would be placed into the middle as an almost certain 82-18 dog against an overpair like aces and kings.

Inside Your Opponents Head

In fact I was so certain that I held a weak hand here that had I held pocket kings in this situation then I would have still folded. This may stagger a lot of people but at the end of the day then a 5/bet shove pre-flop in full ring is either done by aces or kings.

If I held the kings then I am either tying with the other kings or against aces. Because I have the kings as well then there is only one combination left of pocket kings while there are six combinations of aces.

No strong player would five bet shove with queens or A-Ks in full ring. In fact in full ring games at the lower levels then it is usually your opponent’s game plan to sit and wait for strong hands and good situations before committing their stack.

Hand Reading Skill

This allows you to be able to hand read very well and is why I can play so many tables without much sweat. In fact in full ring then you really should be folding around 85% of your range pre-flop and this is correct to do so.

In full ring then when stacks are not deep then you are using a style of play that is based on equity more akin to limit hold’em.

A 100bb stack is not a deep stack in no limit hold’em and not until your stack reaches 200bb should you consider yourself to be playing deep. So when players stack off in full ring then you can rest assured that they have some sort of hand at all levels up to around NL200.